Terms and Conditions


Guests can cancel the reservation free of charge at 12:00 noon before the estimated arrival date. If canceled later than this deadline, the full amount of the booking will be refunded unless the guest can do that the cancellation does not result in Hotel Jernbanegad loss, which will only occur if all hotel rooms have been sold out during the period. If the guest stays completely (no show), this will be deemed to be canceled later than 12:00 noon before the estimated arrival date, and the booking must therefore be paid in full. Changes to bookings are considered to be a cancellation if the changes mean a shortening of the stay or a reduction in the number of rooms.

It is always the guest who has the burden of proof that the cancellation has been received. The guest may require Hotel Jernbanegade to document in writing that the cancellation has been received. Hotel Jernbanegade can send the documentation as email or letter.


Arrival and departure:

The room / rooms are available from 2:00pm on the day of arrival.

The room / rooms must be vacated before 10:00am on the day of departure. If the room is left later than 10:00am on the day of departure, the customer will be charged for another one-night stay.



Both the guest and Hotel Jernbanegade are required to comply with the booking agreement. However, in case of force majeure similar situation, Hotel Jernbanegade may not be held liable for cancellation without notice.

Force majeure means extraordinary circumstances such as outside of Hotel Jernbanegade’s direct control, including, Fire, water damage, strike / lockout, and illness of the staff.

Compensation in case of non-compliance with the agreement, in all cases other than force majeure, can not exceed the total price of the reservation and any indirect losses, such as loss of profits, are not covered.

Valuables ​​and storage of luggage etc.:

Hotel Jernbanegade can not be held liable for loss or theft of valuables / luggage in rooms or on the hotel’s premises; Including when using luggage compartment.

Forgotten Items:

Valuables and / or luggage left or forgotten in rooms or hotel areas are stored until 3 months after departure, after which it is handed over to the lost property. Submitting items can be done against payment of handling fee of 100 DKK, plus shipping costs.


Hotel Jernbanegade can not be held liable for vandalism or theft of / in the parked vehicle on the hotel’s premises.


Cleaning of the rooms takes place daily between kl. 10am – 2pm: Hotel Jernbanegade is entitled to avoid cleaning if the cleaning is hampered by luggage or other objects belonging to the guests. Towels are changed daily as needed. For stays of longer than three days, bed linen is changed if required.


When booking and paying, the guest accepts the liabillity for any defects or damage to room, building, furniture, equipment, etc. Occurred during stay as well as any expenses for extraordinary cleaning. Any errors, shortcomings and accidents that occurred during the stay must be communicated to the hotel as soon as possible.

Guests authorize the hotel to deduct any expenses upon booking and received payment, as mentioned above on payment / credit card used for payment of the stay. The invoice will be sent after correction of damage.

During the stay:

NO extra guests may stay in the room other than stated when booking. If guests receives other guests, this must be notified to the hotel and, if applicable, the price will be charged. The reservation is personal – transfer without agreement with the hotel will automatically cancel the reservation without refund.

Smoking Policy:

It is not allowed to smoke indoors in the hotel. Smooking is allowed outside. Guests who do not comply with the hotel’s Non smoking policy will be asked to leave the hotel. Smoking in the rooms leads to an extra charge. DKK 1,500, – to cover the lack of opportunity for sale of the room the night after, and extra cleaning and cleaning of textiles.


Stays at Hotel Jernbanegade is paid in advance when booking with payment / credit card.

You can pay with the following payment / credit cards: Dankort, eDankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, JCB and American Express.

Payment by card:
Please be aware when paying by credit card, a fee is calculated corresponding to our cost of using the card. It should be noted that Visa Dankort is to be designated as a debit card when used in Denmark.